Coban Sewu Waterfalls

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Tumpak Coban Sewu Malang Lumajang East Java Globe in the Hat

Discovering eastern part of Java Island, we found a very beautiful waterfall situated between Malang and Lumajang districts. Since this place belongs to two different regions, there are two names of it: Tumpak Sewu for locals from Lumajang, and Coban Sewu for those who come from Malang.

In opinion of Globe in the Hat, whatever the name, this waterfall has an extraordinary charm compared to the waterfalls we have visited before. Indeed, this waterfall falls between cliffs in a circular shape, so overall everything looks spectacular. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you can also see a rainbow under the cliff. (Un)fortunately, the beauty of this breathtaking waterfall is not widely known among tourists, especially those who come from abroad.

Pesona Coban Tumpak Sewu Malang East Java Globe in the Hat

From the city center of Malang, it takes approximately 3 hours to get there and all vehicles can be used without any problems. However, it’s not recommended to use public transportation, it’s quite complicated and may take much more time. On the other hand, with comparison to roads going to the beaches in south parts of Malang, the road to Coban Sewu is much better.

There are two entrances that you can choose, through Malang or Lumajang. Actually, both of these entrances are the same and if you want to go down, in the end you will pass a very steep road. Personally, we recommend you to choose the way via Lumajang because meanwhile you can also stop by Goa Tetes to see small waterfalls. What’s more, viewpoint from this place is also much better.

Goa Tetes Lumajang East Java Globe in the Hat

The ticket costs Rp.15,000 (around 1$) and it’s very cheap entrance for tourists, especially for foreigners, who very often in other places in Indonesia, like in Bali for example, pay higher prices.

Despite a cheap ticket, foreign tourists should be careful with locals who can ask for more money. As an example, we can recall one situation, which happened to us on the way to the waterfall. One man stopped us, claiming himself as a “guide”. He explained that he is obliged to offer a guide service due to giving us any help if bad things happen, such as falling rocks, and so forth.

At first we almost believed him. Nevertheless, when we asked for a ticket and for an explanation what responsibility would be taken, if bad things happened, the man wasn’t able to give a clear answer. In the end we also ignored his offer. In fact, there were only 50 meters left to our final destination. Just to be sure, we also asked the clerk standing around the waterfall, if there is no official guide, and it turned out that we were totally right – there is no guide in this area 🙂

Price manipulation is also a way to recognize a dishonest “tour guide”. At first this man said that the guide service is compulsory and the price to be paid is Rp. 20,000 per person. However, later on, when he found out that it was our first trip to Coban Sewu, the price was automatically raised to Rp. 50,000. Quite not fair, right? 😉

The path, made from bamboo, leading to the bottom of the waterfall is very steep. It’s advisable to always be careful and do not use flip flops or sneakers. Moreover, some stairs have been damaged, so please watch out also on nails that may still be stuck there.

Tangga Coban Sewu Malang East Java Globe in the Hat

In the rainy season, the volume of water will increase (November to March) and the road will be even more slippery. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to go down if you don’t want to be trapped. During this season it’s better to enjoy the beauty of Coban Sewu from above.

To be honest, already from the beginning Coban Sewu stole hearts of all of the team of Globe in the Hat. We’ll never get bored of this place and we’re always happy to come back here again. How about you? Would you join us next time? 😉


  • Use mountain boots
  • Carry a raincoat
  • Bring a plastic bag to protect electronic items

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