How to Choose a Good Villa in Indonesia?

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How to choose a good villa in Indonesia - Globe in the Hat x Azcarya Villa

Hello travelers!

Looking for accommodation is one of the most important things when we go on a trip in Indonesia. Next to the hotel, hostel and homestay, the residence (in Indonesia known as a villa) is a very popular type of accommodation. Therefore, choosing the right villa must be considered, because if something goes wrong, we can easily spoil our trip. And no one wants that, right?

Globe in the Hat wants to share some tips with you on how to book a villa in Indonesia, at the same time don’t spend a lot of money.


Prices are always taken into consideration. Finding prices suitable for our budget is sometimes really difficult, especially when we want to find a place with additional facilities such as a swimming pool, hot water (which is still not available in every place in Indonesia), and most importantly – great service provided by the host.

Usually, Globe in the Hat checks more than one booking website, so that we can differentiate and search for special discounts for villas that are within the budget. If necessary, you can also clean the computer cache first, so that the website can’t detect your browsing history before. They usually raise prices when they know that you are looking for lodging. Pssstt…


Don’t forget about facilities! If you’re good at searching and you’re lucky enough, you can very often find cheap accommodations with good facilities (like a swimming pool etc.) without any difficulties.

Additional facilities like the kitchen with complete cooking utensils, are also very important. It’s useless if there is a kitchen, but there is no frying pan, right?

Most people often want to find a villa with a swimming pool, however not all villas are equipped with that. Yep, in fact our experience shows, that it was a very relaxing to use a swimming pool after long and tiring trip. Besides that, it was pretty good to take additional photos by the pool. In view of this, don’t hesitate too long if you found a similar, full-equipped place, with reasonable prices 😉

Azcarya Villa Swimming Pool in Batu City - Globe in the Hat x Azcarya Villa


Unfortunately it’s often forgotten by travelers. Nevertheless, the view should be also considered while choosing a villa. How do you know if the scenery is good? Usually, not all accommodations are situated in the city center. Thus, before booking, check the location of your villa first.

Family Villa in Batu City - Globe in the Hat x Azcarya Villa


No less important. Your satisfaction ultimately depends on the service of the villa owner. Therefore, before booking your place to sleep, check the rates and all reviews written by other visitors. Very helpful to make a good decision.

Globe in the Hat has never chosen a villa that had a bad review, even though it was fully equipped and contained good views out the window.

Private Villa Batu City - Globe in the Hat x Azcarya Villa

Beautiful View in Batu City - Globe in the Hat x Azcarya Villa


The last but not least – the privacy. Watch out! When we stayed at one of the hotels in Bali, one of the employees entered our room, starting to comment the items we were carrying, even though we just wanted to ask for help in fixing the door that was difficult to open. He started a long speech, asking questions if by any chance we don’t need any transport in Bali etc. In our opinion it shouldn’t be done by the employee, unless we have already been checked out.

On the other hand, feeling at home is very important, even though we stay at people’s villas, this feeling is an added value for every place to sleep. We will not feel awkward doing something without someone else watching and paying attention.

Hopefully our tips in choosing a proper villa can be useful for those who’re still confused. Right now, we can recommend you one villa in Batu (East Java), where we stayed in and where you can get all of the above facilities. Azcarya Villa is a good choice for those who’re travelling in Indonesia with the family or a group of friends. Moreover, you will get not only full facilities here but also a satisfying service.

Staying at Azcarya villa, we enjoyed the view of Batu city from above, which can be seen around the clock. The villa is located at the foot of Mount Panderman, so in the morning, you will be greeted with sunrise and the city lights at night. Breathtaking views with reasonable price! Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to come back here one more time.


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