How to (stop) drink(ing) Turkish tea?

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How to stop drinking Turkish tea

In many places around the world there are numerous examples of making tea. In Turkey, traditional two-piece teapots are used to make traditional Turkish Çay – the top, where tea is brewed, and the bottom one – used for storing hot water.

It doesn’t matter if you like to drink strong, light, or you just hate drinking tea. Being in Turkey, you simply cannot refuse drinking their çay (based on my own experience). What’s more, when your host notices your empty glass – he’ll refill it again rapidly.

Personally, I really like Turkish tea, however, in the end more than enough is too much, right? Well, so what to do in the situation when we really don’t want to drink more tea, and the waiter in a Turkish tea house is constantly walking around us with a full teapot in his hand?

Well, there is one simple advice for you: put your teaspoon on top of your tea glass. Thanks to it, you’ll automatically provide a very clear message: “It’s enough for me now, thank you!”.

Look, you don’t even need to speak Turkish 😉

Ehhh, what a pity that I learned about this rule after 6 additional glasses of this Turkish çay…

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