How Much Money You Should Take for a Trip to Thailand

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How much money do you need for Thailand? Well…I’m sure that this question comes to your mind before going to the country of the white elephant.

Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, mainly due to the price. Indeed clothing, food, or transport are very cheap here. However, before you read this article till the end, remember that the expenses for a stay in Thailand depend primarily on the form and length of the trip, and what you want to see there.

This time, Globe in the Hat shows you some price examples while backpacking trip in Thailand.

Let’s start with the cuisine, because it’s the one that stole the hearts of many tourists from around the world. That’s not surprising! Actually, Thai food is not only cheap, but also tasty and very nutritious.

You will pay approximately 40 THB for one portion of street food (around 1,25$). At this price you will get, for example, half a chicken or fish. You’re gonna pay an additional 10 THB for rice (about 0,31$). Sellers also very often give a glass with ice cubes and drinking water directly to your meals without having to order it.

And, what’s more, sometimes you will also find food, for which you pay only 30 THB (about 1$), but it’s not so widely available. In most places the basic price is still 40 THB.

On the other hand, in restaurants and cafes, everything is at least twice as expensive as food stalls on the street side. Depending on your order, prices range between 80 THB – 200 THB (around 2,50 – 6 $). So if you want to save a bit, and at the same time feel the real atmosphere of local cuisine…street food is a real hit.

Ps: Remember that Thai food is really tempting and tasty, and that’s what it will consume most of your budget 😉

And what are the prices of public transport? Compared with other means of transport, taxi (including a motorcycle taxi) is quite expensive – from 50 THB to 300 THB and more (1,50 – 10$). Their price obviously depends on how far you want to go.

How about the bus? It’s quite hardcore, but a cheap version of public transport. One way bus ticket costs from 6,5 to 15 THB and you can very easily get almost anywhere. Minus? Traffic jams, traffic jams and once again traffic jams! Nevertheless, for sentimental reasons to the local atmosphere of Thai life, we highly recommend it! 😉

On the other hand, metro tickets (MRT and BTS) are quite more expensive. Depending on the number of stops, you’re gonna pay around 40 THB. However, despite the costs, it’s definitely worth it – after all, metro is the fastest available transport in Bangkok.

And what about cheap accommodation? There is a way! In Bangkok, locals hosted us absolutely free of charge.

Users of the internationally known portal accept foreigners to their homes, offering them a place to sleep, often also spending time with them, showing interesting places in their city and just having fun. And it was in our case.

Remember, however, that these hosts also have their plans and responsibilities, so very often the offered accommodation only for 3-4 nights. What’s more, in popular cities, for the sake of the high demand of tourists, it’s more difficult to find a good host with a free place to sleep. So if this time you have no luck, chin up! Accommodation in Thailand is not expensive either. You can easily find a place in one of the hostels – the price starts from 200 THB per night per person (about 6$). Shh! However, in such backpackers’ places, especially watch out on your belongings.

For peace of mind, we also recommend you to use your own sleeping bag or a thin blanket. Such accommodation is very often not the cleanest one.

The cost of accommodation also depends on the district in which the hotel/hostel is located. The most popular districts in Bangkok are: Khao San Road, Chao Phraya Riverside, or Silom / Sathon.

Shopping lovers traveling to Bangkok, certainly can’t miss this place. Of course we’re talking about the popular Chatuchak market, where the prices of clothes and accessories varies around 80-300 THB.

Minus? The largest market in the city is open only on weekends: Friday from 18:00 to 24:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00.

What’s more, temples are also must-see places on your trip to Thailand. There are at least a few hundred in Bangkok! For an entry ticket to one of them you will pay from 30 to 100 THB (about 1-3$).

Depending on the current exchange rates, the prices shown may vary slightly. But still…it’s not so bad, right? Thus, have a nice flight and see you in Thailand!

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