Tips You Should Know Before Travelling to Thailand

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How to Travel in Thailand Globe in the Hat

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Indeed, with its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, the country attracts many visitors each year.

Last year we spent 9 days in Thailand and we focused mostly on discovering Bangkok and the areas around. During this time, we not only visited famous tourist destinations, but first of all we observed the life of local people and we really enjoyed it! In this article, we want to share some tips on how to make your stay in the country more interesting and richer in new experience, even in such a short time.

  • Get Along With The Locals

We believe that travelling overseas is all about getting along with the locals. We always try to build a bond with them. Thanks to that, we can get tons of information from the local inhabitants, that most likely isn’t available on the internet. As we all know, the Thai people are very religious and they still strongly preserve their culture. Talking to them is always an amazing and interesting experience indeed. What’s more, they’re very kind and friendly.

How to Travel in Thailand_local people_Globe in the Hat

We’re sure that you would find a lot of happy faces which kindly give you information that you need. Although not many of them understand English, communications can work just fine. While being in Thailand, you definitely can’t miss it. Psst! The body language and the dictionary will also be very useful in this case.

  • Visit Cultural Destinations

Tips Liburan ke Thailand Globe in the Hat

Visiting cultural destinations such as temples and historical buildings in Thailand, is nothing but an unforgettable experience; plus, Thailand’s everlasting culture environment is making the experience felt even better.

Aside that, visiting temples can be very entertaining too. For example, Wat Pho; this iconic temple is a good place for taking pictures and it’s surely Instagram-able.

Buddhists in the Temple Globe in the Hat

In this temple, you’re able to meet Buddhists, with whom you can talk to, if you feel like it. However, don’t forget about respecting them. Before starting the conversation or taking picture, make sure if you don’t disturb their activities first.

  • Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the best ways to travel, when you don’t want to spend much money. Well, in Thailand it’s even cheaper than we thought 😉

How to Travel in Thailand Globe in the Hat

We have tried all modes of transport there – buses, boats, MRT, and we can surely say that each of them has its own pros and cons. For instance, taking a boat in Bangkok is a good idea when you want avoid traffic jams. It’s also way cheaper than MRT. Nevertheless, before getting on the boat, you should watch out on pollution caused by an engine, especially if you sit on the back.

We tried it once and we didn’t come back to the boat again. Anyway, choose your favorite mode of transport and hit the road!

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  • Eat Local Food

Halal Food in Thailand Globe in the Hat

Before visiting Thailand, we did some research on local food in the country. Many bloggers wrote that it’s not easy to find halal food (free from any ingredient that Muslims are forbidden to eat according to Islamic law) on the street.

However, while walking in the street and eating in the restaurants, we’ve seen many halal signs that were put on the menu or were clearly highlighted in the banner in front of the restaurant. So, it’s checked. You shouldn’t be worried about going on a culinary trip to Thailand.

How to Travel in Thailand Globe in the Hat

What’s more, vegetarians can also find here something for themselves. Did we mention about delicious mango sticky rice, that we were addicted to? 😀 Seriously, Thai food looks so tempting every time and it’s very delicious too!

Thus, be sure that you have enough budget for buying LOTS OF food. You can be surprised how much money you’ll spend on eating there (opps).

How to Travel in Thailand Globe in the Hat

And what do you think? Is there anything else you want to add? We’d love to hear it from you. Don’t forget to share your comments and see you on the track! 😉

Translated by : Krisna
Edited by : Ania Tomczak

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